Palo Alto Home Care Services

Why would you choose to work with us? Our Palo Alto home care services are more than just nursing and personal assistance. We offer an unrivaled selection of wellness services to keep your loved one safe and happy.

There’s not place like home! Although short and sweet, this famous phrase does a masterful job at describing how important a home can be when it comes to providing comfort, safety and stability. 

A home becomes even more important for anyone who may be experiencing a diminished quality of life due to an illness, accident or age related circumstances.

If given a choice, most, if not all, individuals would choose the comforting confines of their home as the setting for any necessary health care support. 

For those included in this majority, Agility Health of Palo Alto provides a wonderful opportunity to receive exceptional home care services. 

Boosting a broad range of options, Agility Health of Palo Alto knows the importance of providing life enriching services to all clients as they look to improve upon their quality of life.

Palo Alto Home Care Services

Here is a list of the award winning services Palo Alto home care services offered by Agility Health.

palo alto home care services

Senior Home Care

The difficulty in performing daily tasks becomes magnified for those entering the golden years of life. 

As with any aging individual, their physical and cognitive abilities may decline significantly to the point where health care services are needed. 

The certified and trained staff at Agility Health offers the opportunity to improve the quality of life for any senior in need of assistance. 

The care team can help seniors with meal preparation, getting dressed, personal hygiene and light housekeeping. In addition, medical services are available if needed such as blood pressure checks, monitoring heart rate, administering medication, along with providing physical and cognitive therapies. 

Receiving these bundles of services within the comforts of your own home goes a long way in reducing any physical or emotional stress that can come along with the challenges of senior living.

Personal Care

Self care is a critical function of anyone’s life, and for those no longer able to perform these self supporting tasks, it can take a physical and emotional toll. 

The trained staff at Agility Health of Palo Alto are completely aware of how important self care is to individuals and their sense of independence. But when these self care tasks become too difficult to complete on their own, Agility Health can assist with personal hygiene care, preparing meals, exercise assistance and running errands if needed. 

Assisting with these tasks can go a long way with alleviating the pressures and stress associated with any self care challenges.

Transitional Care

As many people have experienced, the best part of a hospital visit is the chance to go back home and recover. But what many people do not consider are the challenges that await them when they arrive home and attempt to take care of themselves while not being at full strength. 

Agility Health offers transitional care services, which are meant to ease the burden experienced by many folks as they arrive home from the hospital to recover. These transitional care services include meal preparation, personal hygiene care, transportation assistance, medication management and running errands if needed. 

Overlooking the importance of these transitional services can make the recovery period infinitely more difficult.

Alzheimer's Care

Alzheimer’s, which is a form of Dementia, is a truly debilitating disease for anyone suffering from this life changing condition. 

The staff at Agility Health of Palo Alto are highly attuned to the critical care that is necessary when handling the mind altering symptoms that can come along with this disease. 

The in-home care services include medication management, various cognitive therapies and instant companionship for those suffering from this illness. These are all critical components in improving the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients.

Cancer Care

Cancer has impacted the lives of many and this diagnosis can be truly overwhelming for the patient as well as their families and friends. 

In order to provide hope and inspiration for those patient’s fighting this disease, Agility Health offers critical services such as meal preparation, administering medications, personal hygiene care and around the clock supervision if needed. 

The Agility Health professionals are well armed with the knowledge, empathy and caring hands to help walk step by step with the patient as they battle this serious illness and look to achieve a full recovery.

Stroke Care

The challenges that arise after suffering a stroke can be extremely difficult. 

Depending on the severity of the stroke, extensive care may be needed to help navigate through any negative health consequences as a result of a stroke. 

The staff at Agility Health are well equipped to handle any physical or mental limitations brought on by this serious medical condition. 

These services include medical and non medical care such as physical, occupational and speech therapy assistance. Also, care can extend to help with bathing, dressing, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

End Of Life Care

No challenge can be greater than dealing with the trauma of being diagnosed with a terminal illness. It takes superior care and support to be able to work with a patient who has been diagnosed with such an extremely unfortunate prognosis. 

The nurses and caregivers at Agility Health of Palo Alto have been highly trained to be a supporting foundation for any patient that needs compassion, comfort and outstanding services to help get them through their final days. 

Agility Health can offer emotional support, companionship and counseling services, along with personal care tasks including meal preparation, personal hygiene and running errands.

Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one can truly be a marathon and not a sprint depending on the patient’s needs. This could mean little to no window of opportunity for the primary caregiver to rest and recuperate. 

The nurses and caregivers at Agility Health of Palo Alto are completely aware of the commitment and energy level needed to take care of a patient and offer much needed respite services to fill in, which allows the primary caregiver time to recharge or take care of other personal responsibilities.

Financial Assistance For In Home Care

As with anything in life, receiving exceptional home care comes at a cost. Depending on the level of home care services needed, the price tag can be rather substantial. 

The good news is there are plenty of programs for financial assistance available to help pay for these in-home care services. 

It is extremely important to research and find out which financial assistance options are available to you as it applies to your situation. 

Some of the options can include receiving financial assistance from medicare or medicaid, veteran benefit options and social security services. In addition, it is possible to work with a financial institution to secure a conventional loan or obtain funds from a reverse mortgage if you qualify. Other options may include tapping into home equity if available and exploring assistance through your life insurance portfolio.

If all these options become too overwhelming or complicated to figure out, there are public and private organizations who can offer assistance at no charge and determine which options would be best for you in your quest to pay for these in-home care services. Private advisors are also an option, but this normally comes at a cost in the form of an hourly charge or project fee,

Why Trust Agility Health

Life can be filled with many unexpected challenges, especially as it pertains to dealing with our health. 

In those times we are vulnerable, ill, or physically and mentally incapacitated, we need the support from a trusted professional who will be there in our time of need. 

Agility Health of Palo Alto is the answer when it comes to receiving phenomenal support and top notch care for all patients who request our services. We go above and beyond with treating our patients with extreme care, being sensitive to their needs and doing whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable within the confines of their home.

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