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About Home Social Services

When a patient is sick, disabled or limited by age, it can often feel like there’s no one there to help navigate health care and financial options. Luckily, there are a wide variety of community and federal home social services to aid and assist patients. However, knowing where to begin and figuring out if a patient qualifies for support is enough to make anyone’s head spin. At Agility Health, we want to lend a helping hand with our understandable, courteous and hard-working medical social workers.

Our certified care managers and medical social workers are able to make recommendations for community and federal services that best benefit our patients. Agility Health will work with patients, their families, and doctors to assess appropriate options to alleviate financial and emotional stress and improve quality of life. This includes information and recommendations on social services such as residential placement, meal programs, support groups, and insurance materials. With Agility Health, our patients and their families will never have to face the burdens of in-home health care alone.

Our In-Home Social Services Will Give You Care & Comfort

At Agility Health, we motivate and empower our patients and their families by providing them with the support and in-home social services they need. We approach all our patients and their families with open ears and listen to their challenges and provide medical and non-medical solutions. This includes assistance with primary needs such as food, shelter, hygiene, and social integration.

Our home social services include information and recommendations for residential placement, meal programs, support groups, transportation, and insurance materials. We also provide patients and their families with thorough information on topics relating to community and federal benefits, entitlements and support programs. These services provide multiple resources that assist patients and families with medical bills and overall medical and non-medical care. Agility Health’s care managers and social workers will also coordinate these services for each of our patients and their families. Let Agility Health be your support system with our informative and helpful home social services.

Need A Medical Social Worker?

At Agility Health, our dedicated medical social workers have the important responsibility of looking out for the needs, comforts, and overall well-being of our patients. Our medical social workers will perform assessments to identify a patient’s practical and emotional needs. We follow up with information on local and federal benefits, entitlements, and home social services and provide solutions to your specific challenges and obstacles. Additionally, our social workers will coordinate services and advocate for resources for all of our patients medical and non-medical needs. At Agility Health, our medical social workers are problem solvers looking out for you and your family.

Counseling from Our Medical Social Workers

For patients and their families dealing with difficult and complex situations, Agility Health offers compassionate and experienced counseling services. Our medical social workers will help you cope with and adapt to the challenges of new diagnoses, unexpected injuries, and end of life. We promote open discussions and meditation that focuses on acceptance and closure. This includes working through feelings from the perspective of the patient’s life, relationships, accomplishments, and failures. It’s never easy to talk about difficult subjects, but our counselors at Agility Health will be the support and open ears you need when you need it.

Why Trust Agility Health?

Agility Health isn’t like any other home care agency. We go above and beyond to deliver reliable, individualized care with compassion, respect, and integrity. Our attentive nurses and caregivers are fully screened and trained to administer the highest quality medical and non-medical support, allowing peace of mind for our patients and their loved ones.

We approach every patient with the compassion and consideration they deserve.

Respect builds the trust that is essential when providing quality in-home care.

We operate with honesty and integrity, guaranteeing our patients will receive the highest quality care possible.

Meet Our Caregiving Team

We love what we do and that shines through in the quality of our care. Our dedicated team of nurses, caregivers, and administrators are all based in the Bay area and possess extensive medical backgrounds and certifications. With Agility Healthy, our patients are always in steady, reliable hands.

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