Wound Management

About Wound Management

Wound care is not something to be overlooked. After sustaining a wound or injury, especially at an older age, you want to promote and follow proper treatments to avoid infections and other complications from developing. Depending on the severity, this sort of care requires time and hospital-grade attention. At Agility Health, our medically licensed and good-hearted nurses will keep injuries clean and properly cared for until they’re fully healed from the comfort of our patient’s home.

We are able to treat and monitor a number of wounds and injuries relating to surgeries, pressures, traumas, and burns. Treatments our nurses administer include medication application, wound cleaning, and proper dressing that promotes comfortable and speedy recoveries. At Agility Health, we provide professional in-home wound management treatment that get patients back on their feet.

Wound Management & Treatment That Patches You Up

While wound management treatment might seem like a simple task to perform, treating wounds due to surgeries or injuries should be administered by trained medical professionals. Proper dressing and medication applications ensure that wounds won’t become infected or suffer damage due to poor, insufficient care. At Agility Health, we are fully staffed with licensed and trained nurses and caregivers who are able to properly care and manage wounds and injuries.

Our dedicated and amicable staff are all employees of Agility Health. Our patients and their families can rest assured that we never outsource our care because we believe in having open and direct communication. Our individually assigned care managers provide thoughtful updates and information to help educate patients and their families on proper care and treatments necessary for effective wound management. At Agility Health, our high-quality wound management care stems from the friendliness and client-first attitude of our dedicated nurses and caregivers.

Convenient In-Home Wound Care Treatment Services

Recovering from a serious wound is often better for the patient in a familiar environment instead of in a hospital, which is why we’re proud to offer in-home services to assist in a smooth and speedy recovery. Our nurses can care for patients to make sure that their wound does not become worse or infected. Patients and their families can feel confident in knowing that all of our skilled nurses have gone through extensive training required for proper wound management.

Additionally, different kinds of wounds have different forms of treatment. Wound management takes constant care and can take quite a bit of time depending on the severity of the wound. Our nurses are skilled and certified to care for acute surgical wounds, trauma, burns, chronic wounds, pressure injuries, infected wounds, and more. Our in-home wound management care will keep patients comfortable as their injury heals. During recoveries, our nurses will also apply the proper medications and dressings from the comfort of our patients home. Having a skilled nurse to care for the wound is the best way to ensure that the wound heals normally. Contact Agility Health today and ask us for further information about our wound care treatments. We’re always ready to lend you a helping hand.

Why Trust Agility Health?

Agility Health isn’t like any other home care agency. We go above and beyond to deliver reliable, individualized care with compassion, respect, and integrity. Our attentive nurses and caregivers are fully screened and trained to administer the highest quality medical and non-medical support, allowing peace of mind for our patients and their loved ones.

We approach every patient with the compassion and consideration they deserve.

Respect builds the trust that is essential when providing quality in-home care.

We operate with honesty and integrity, guaranteeing our patients will receive the highest quality care possible.

Meet Our Caregiving Team

We love what we do and that shines through in the quality of our care. Our dedicated team of nurses, caregivers, and administrators are all based in the Bay area and possess extensive medical backgrounds and certifications. With Agility Healthy, our patients are always in steady, reliable hands.

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