In Home Care Services A Registered Nurse Can Perform

The Value of In Home Care

If you have a senior in your life who has recently had surgery, or needs help with more basic day to day medical tasks, it might be time to start looking at available in home care services. Caregivers, registered nurses, and other medical professionals are available for hire from different teams that offer reliable, skilled care that can help make day to day life easier for the senior in your life. Below are some available in home care services that you can hire a registered nurse to perform on an daily, 24 hour, or intermittent timeline.

Post Surgical Care

As anyone ages, their bodies are more susceptible to injury and illness. This unfortunately means that surgical intervention might be required to deal with any issues that come up. Physically younger bodies are far more capable of handling the recovery aspect of any surgery. The body is functioning at a higher capacity, which means injuries heal faster, and the body is more apt at dealing with things like an infection due to a boosted immune system. For seniors who have surgery, recovery is not so simple anymore.

If it is a relatively intense surgery that has a longer projected recovery time, having a registered nurse that provides in post surgical home care can be a huge benefit to not only the patient, but their family. There can be a lot to worry about post surgery, and this includes medication that needs to be administered, bandages that need to changed on a regular basis, and other basic tasks that might prove extremely difficult for someone who is recovering from surgery.

End of Life Care

The passing of a loved one can be extremely difficult for a family to cope with, but the experience can be much harder if you’re involved in their care near the end of their life. Fortunately, registered nurses are available to provide end of life in home care. It can be emotionally exhausting to not only be by a loved one’s side, but also have to handle any required medical tasks that come along with it. A skilled, caring nurse will help alleviate your family of this burden, and ensure that you can focus more on being there from an emotional standpoint. This means finals days with them can be more relaxing than stressful, since you don’t need to worry about medical tasks. Even though this might be a difficult decision to make, when it’s done for the right reasons everyone involved will understand.

Additional Medical Services

Beyond more all-encompassing services like post surgical care and end of life care, registered nurses also offer a number of smaller but just as important forms of in home care. Many seniors are on a variety of medications, and at times it can be difficult to keep track of all of them and take them at the appropriate times. A registered nurse will help make sure that the right medications are taken at the right time, all according to physician orders. Another way that a nurse can help out a senior family member is by taking appropriate care of any wounds on the body. They’ll be able to change bandages, and keep an eye out for any signs of the wound not healing properly. In home care can be made so much easier by a passionate, caring, and professional registered nurse who always has the best interest of your family in mind.

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If you or a loved one needs in-home care, let Agility Health lend a helping hand.
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We Are Here to Help. Reach Out Today.

If you or a loved one needs in-home care, let Agility Health lend a helping hand.
Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.