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When You Should Consider Hiring a Registered Nurse

When Life Happens, Protect Yourself with Good Care

Life happens. The body changes, we may be involved in an accident, or we may become very ill, and require in-home care. During recovery times, or when we are affected by chronic conditions, we may need more care than friends and family are able to provide to us. This is where registered nurses step in. Specially trained in care and medicine, nurses are the answer we seek when we need extra care. There is a variety of reasons to hire a skilled, registered nurse, and most people will generally recognize when they need the care of a nurse, but it is always good to remember for which instances that having a nurse is of greatest value.

After Major Surgery

Can you imagine having to take care of yourself after double-bypass surgery? You’re in a great deal of physical pain from the procedure, pain that even the most gentle, and skilled doctor cannot prevent. What will you do about caring for the surgery site, or making sure that you’re updated on all of your medications when you yourself are still in the after-surgery fog? This is probably the best time to have a nurse assist you. Your body is vulnerable to infection, and without professional care, you may not be able to make a full recovery, or your recovery time will last much longer.

Caring for a Serious Injury

Do you know how to take care of yourself if you are fortunate enough to survive a violent attack? What if you’re hurt in an accident? These are two common occurrences to which the human body is vulnerable. A registered nurse is a great and essential resource while you are recovering from severe injury. A registered nurse will be able to care for you in your time of need while also making sure that those around you understand little things that they can do to assist you on your road to recovery.

To Help Us with Medication

Sometimes, dealing with a chronic condition can overwhelm us. Dealing with the discomfort of the disease while also trying to move on from the psychological effects of living with the condition is a difficult undertaking. Having a registered nurse to help you medicate for something that may otherwise be debilitating is an easy way of moving on, and coping with day-to-day struggles.

To Help with Setting Up Intravenous Medication

Intravenous medication is intimidating to many, if not most, people outside of the medical field. If you or a loved one is in need of in-home care that involves the dispensing of intravenous medication, your caregivers will need to know how to set up and dispense the medication. It can be intimidating, but once a patient nurse teaches you what you need to know to take care of this type of medication, everyone will feel and do better.

End of Life Care

End of life care is probably the most difficult type of care that a family will have to offer. For families preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, the reason for their departure, be it old age or a sickness, doesn’t matter. A sensitive and experienced nurse will do more for the family than simply caring for a loved one, they will be able to give the high-quality comfort and guidance that your loved one deserves at the the end of their life.

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If you or a loved one needs in-home care, let Agility Health lend a helping hand.
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We Are Here to Help. Reach Out Today.

If you or a loved one needs in-home care, let Agility Health lend a helping hand.
Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.