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Searching for an Atherton private duty nurse?  Agility Health provides private duty nursing services to those located in Atherton and the Bay Area.  Our personalized approach to client care is what sets us apart.  Our dedicated staff work hard every day to ensure that all your needs are met and exceeded in a professional manner.

Dealing with any type of health related issue can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Whether someone is facing a short term health challenge or more chronic and long term issue, the impacts from a diminished quality of life goes well beyond just physical. 

Many people underestimate the psychological and emotional toll that can accompany the reduction in a person’s quality of life due to health related circumstances. 

A good deal of the stress and anxiety that patients experience can be attributed to dealing with unfamiliar surroundings, new routines, and interacting with complete strangers, who are assigned to take care of them at one of their more vulnerable moments in life.

Hiring the services of a private duty nurse from Agility Health can be the answer to alleviating much of this uneasiness associated with these health related lifestyle challenges.

What Is A Private Duty Nurse?

Private duty nurses are licensed or registered nurses who provide one-on-one medical care at a location most comfortable and convenient for their patients. These locations can include a nursing facility, hospital, or the comfort of a patient’s home.

atherton private duty nurse

Private Duty Nursing Services

A private duty nurse can assist with offering a robust level of services to help improve a patient’s quality of life and ease the burden experienced by any family members who may be involved with their loved one’s care.

In addition, there are no schedule limitations as private duty nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. Highlighted below are a list of services that can be performed by a private duty nurse.

  • General health assessment and care coordination
  • Basic hygiene and grooming care
  • Providing treatment for illnesses and infections
  • Changing bandages and monitoring medication usage
  • Checking vital signs
  • Diet management and supervision
  • Medical care training for family members
  • Alerting family or primary physician of any sudden changes in a patient’s physical or mental state
  • Performing emergency treatment procedures if necessary

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Duty Nursing

The benefits of a private duty nurse are truly immeasurable when you think of the myriad of services offered. Below is a list of important benefits from private duty nursing care.

  • Personal Care – This benefit speaks for itself as patients can take advantage of personalized care, which is attuned to their specific needs and preferences. This also provides an opportunity for the patient to interact with a familiar face, which can lead to long term companionship.
  • Around The Clock Supervision – For those patients who need 24 hour care, private duty nurses offer this opportunity. This can provide much needed relief and satisfaction to the patient’s in need of this level of care, as well as to the patient’s family who know their loved one is getting the necessary full time attention.
  • Medication Supervision – Many patients rely on prescription medication to help ease pain, treat conditions, or relieve mental or emotional challenges. A private duty nurse can ensure this medication is administered on time and at the correct dosage. Supervision of this medication becomes even more critical for individuals with multiple prescriptions that need to be given at specific intervals.
  • Nutrition Supervision – Proper nutrition plays a vital role in keeping up a patient’s physical and mental strength. Depending on a person’s diagnosis, a good nutrition plan can help them recover faster or alleviate certain symptoms. A private duty nurse can aid patients in sticking with a nutritious diet, and most importantly, can help manage anyone with food allergies, food sensitivity, or other dietary restrictions.
  • Family Health Education – A private duty nurse can help offer crucial healthcare education to family members as it pertains to caring for their loved one’s. This can shed some much needed light to the family members regarding their loved one’s status from a medical perspective. This will also make it much easier for any family members to understand when or if a change in their loved one’s medical status has occurred.

Along with the generous list of advantages, there is one important challenge that may need to be considered with hiring private duty nurse services. Hiring private duty nurse services can be a serious financial burden to many. 

Proceeding with this service can be dependent on whether or not a patient’s private insurance provider, medicaid, or any other social benefit services can cover a portion or all of the cost. Or if the patient and family have the financial resources available to pay for the service. This can become even more of a financial challenge if 24 hour care is being requested.

Temporary Or Chronic Client Care

Private duty nurse care is available to meet the needs of patients whether it is short term or more chronic long term care. 

For those individuals experiencing short term care needs, a private duty nurse can assist with rehabilitation from injury or illness. The customized care provided by a private duty nurse can offer those recovering from short term challenges a much smoother transition to healing and getting back on their feet for a full recovery.

For the older generation or those suffering from chronic or long term health challenges, private duty nursing services can offer the best chance at improving their quality of life while providing comfort and companionship along the way.

Private Duty Nursing Patient Requirements

The decision to proceed with hiring private duty nursing services can vary, but for any individual whose quality of life has been negatively impacted by age related challenges, injuries, or debilitating illnesses, these are all valid reasons. 

There are also no age restrictions necessary to take advantage of this service. Any toddlers, school age children, or teenagers with quality of life challenges can expect to receive exceptional and personalized care from a private duty nurse.

In addition, choosing private duty nurse services can come down to personal preference. 

For the older generation who may need constant care, the preference may be to take advantage of one-on-one care in their own home instead of becoming a resident in a nursing facility. 

There could also be financial reasons as to why private duty nurse care is preferred over another specialized care option. 

In many instances, hiring a private duty nurse may be more cost effective than moving into a long term care facility. It is important to do research ahead of time to see which option is more cost effective and convenient for your set of circumstances.

Atherton Private Duty Nurse Services

There is nothing more stressful or anxiety inducing than suffering a setback with your quality of life. Whether it is due to a sudden illness, injury, or gradual decline due to growing older. In the event of these challenging circumstances, it is imperative to find a quality care service that can comfort and ease the mind of the patient as well as members of their family.

The Atherton private duty nurse services provided by Agility Health provides a fantastic opportunity for patients to choose a caregiving service, which is unmatched when it comes to experience, knowledge, empathy, and becoming a trusted companion on their journey to a better quality of life.

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