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About Speech Therapy

Communication is what makes people unique. We are able to express our wants, needs, pains, and joys with ease and intelligence. But as we get older, our speech and comprehension can deteriorate leading to increased stress and frustration. Some illnesses, injuries, and disorders such as strokes, comas, and dementia can even rob you of your ability to talk altogether. This results in a world of everyday challenges and dangers. Thankfully, Agility Health can help with our effective in-home speech therapy for adults.

Our services are medically certified to get patients talking and smiling again. Our licensed speech therapists use proven techniques that improve and maintain communication ability for our patients from the comfort and privacy of their homes. We put our patients first, which is why we develop speech therapy plans that are specifically tailored to each patient’s individual needs. With Agility Health, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get your voice back.

Find Your Voice with Our Speech Therapy at Home

When looking for speech therapy, it’s important to find services that put your comfort first. With Agility Health, we customize our therapy services to each patient so they can focus on finding their voice from the comfort of their home. Our licensed speech therapists are fully screened and share the common goal of improving patients communication through muscle exercises and sound repetition. All while being patient, personable, and sensitive to a patient’s specific preferences and requests.

We bring high-quality speech therapy straight to a patient’s homes with the help of a personally assigned Agility Health care manager. Our experienced and attentive care managers oversee speech therapists and work with doctors to create an individualized in-home care plan to put patients on the fastest road to recovery. We will do an initial assessment of the patient’s condition and home and will recommend the best treatment and therapies to ensure they’re receiving the best quality care. At Agility Health, we put you in control of your care to maximize your recovery and quality of life.

Learn More About Our Personalized Speech Therapy Services for Adults

Agility Health provides productive and certified in-home speech therapy for adults that focuses on language, speech, comprehension, and swallowing. Our personalized treatment plans are unique to the patient and improve cognitive and communication abilities affected by stroke, neurological trauma, or the natural aging process. These techniques include muscle retraining, singing, visual speech perception, and diet and eating modifications. Our patients will never be left out of a conversation again thanks to the proven techniques used by our personable and professional speech therapists.

At Agility Health, our goal is to help patients recover from speech and communication deficiencies from the comfort of their home. Services such as muscle strengthening and coordination exercises, sound repetition and imitation can be done in any size home. With compact tools and equipment, such as mirrors and tape recorders, our speech therapists improve communication with visual and auditory aids. Rejoin the conversation with Agility Health and our experienced and professional in-home speech therapy services and contact us today.

Why Trust Agility Health?

Agility Health isn’t like any other home care agency. We go above and beyond to deliver reliable, individualized care with compassion, respect, and integrity. Our attentive nurses and caregivers are fully screened and trained to administer the highest quality medical and non-medical support, allowing peace of mind for our patients and their loved ones.

We approach every patient with the compassion and consideration they deserve.

Respect builds the trust that is essential when providing quality in-home care.

We operate with honesty and integrity, guaranteeing our patients will receive the highest quality care possible.

Meet Our Caregiving Team

We love what we do and that shines through in the quality of our care. Our dedicated team of nurses, caregivers, and administrators are all based in the Bay area and possess extensive medical backgrounds and certifications. With Agility Healthy, our patients are always in steady, reliable hands.

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