The standard terms to describe what the brain does when we are under threat are going into flight or fight mode and freezing. An enormous surge of energy floods the body with chemicals to trigger an escape. Keeping the energy in the body results in shaking, yawning, crying, tingling, and other physical body reactions. A non-physical reaction manifests as a nervous dysregulation that prevents the natural healing mechanism.

The greatest PTSD treatment in Agoura

Our top therapists for anxiety in Agoura hills CA follow a fundamental healing approach. We have unique treatments to address the core parts of the brain that receive the most traumatic blow.

Somatic experiencing

This formula addresses five core body elements that personalize the healing experience. These elements help the emotional, physical, and cognitive processes to prevent disruption of beliefs and keep one from a state of trauma.

Somatic experiencing revolves around the theory that the traumatic experience is not responsible for the PTSD. It states that PTSD is a result of the body’s inability to release trauma. This theory stems from Dr. Peter’s observation of animal responses in 1997. He explained that PTSD manifests as psychological trauma and lingers in the body as anger, guilt, or shame.

How does it work?

SE works by teaching the patient about their nervous system. The knowledge helps people understand how their body reacts during a traumatic event how they can increase their awareness to control sensations and symptoms.

Agoura Hills trauma and PTSD treatment center has tools to analyze the body’s strength and access the inner peacefulness. The mechanism then draws positive experiences and triggers a habit of calmness during stressful events. The Agoura Hills PTSD therapist will monitor your response by watching the body’s sense of temperature change, dizziness, numbness, and a feeling of weightiness.


This trauma-focused therapy in Agoura Hills approach treats traumatic experiences by reconnecting one with the reality of the trauma. The process allows the mind and body to adapt a proper survival technique and eventually overwhelm the body’s ability to heal. EMDR should not be a scary option because you will undergo bilateral stimulation in a safe environment within the therapist’s office.

EMDR therapy Agoura Hills aims to reprocess the body’s reaction until it is not a disruption to the nervous system. The entire process has eight stages, which progressively redefine and improve one’s belief system. The sessions are manageable because each one lasts for approximately one hour.


Reiki is a popular healing option in holistic treatment centers. It calms one’s spirit and promotes relaxation to stimulate the body’s natural healing. Reiki aims to dig out the hidden cellular memory of the traumatic experience. It is essential to understand that Reiki helps to heal the body from a spirit or soul level. It addresses a person’s experience and outcome of trauma to change the reaction at the moment.

The protocol of the process is to diagnose the person as a human being who deserves the best treatment. Reiki acts on priority and gives one the relief they seek at the moment. This condition means it can help alleviate PTSD symptoms to provide physical relaxation, a clear mind, or emotional calm. Contact us for a smooth admission to the best PTSD treatment in Agoura and guaranteed healing.

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