Going to rehab is the most sought-after solution for anyone struggling with addiction. Addicts understand how challenging it may be to overcome the feeling alone. A treatment facility environment offers them the support they need to achieve their recovery goals. Mental health and substance use treatment includes individualized treatment plans that help to address the underlying issues that led to their addiction. As much as the main priority for a facility is to assist patients overcome addiction, those accessing addiction treatments will understand the need to build a productive, happy, and healthy life.

The advantage our facility offers when you get admitted is the structures it provides you with as you attain this success. We emphasize the aspect of creating routines and fun activities to ensure the patient is preoccupied with eliminating any distractions or triggers. An important part is that we let patients take breaks between sessions to process what they have learned during counseling and therapy sessions. For Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders patients, we provide a serene environment where they can sit, have hearty conversations, relax throughout the day, learn new coping skills, and practice how to implement them safely.

People struggling with addiction develop behavior that inhibits them from developing healthier habits. Routines are essential when replacing destructive habits and help the addicts to focus on healing. We establish a daily schedule in our Co-occurring Orange County addiction treatment centers that helps patients prioritize sobriety and maintain a balanced lifestyle for patients to stick to treatment. This process helps us to ensure that once a recovering addicting checks out, they will feel less pressure to relapse and find relief drugs.

Together with this, we ensure that patients are in a safe and supportive environment with a close kit family that understands what they are going through. We consider peer support an important aspect of treatment and essential to long-term recovery. Our inpatient and outpatient programs help us to ensure that patients have an opportunity to connect with other patients in recovery through peer-to-peer support groups. These groups will help our patients travel the same journey and help them overcome challenges they may face along the way. Most notably, during Dual diagnosis addiction treatment, these are individuals who understand struggles of trauma, feeling of shame, and what it feels like to struggle with cravings

We understand that addiction is a psychological, mental, and physical disease, so we advocate for therapy to understand how the triggers develop and instill healthy coping mechanisms. Effective treatment helps reduce the cases of relapse and helps the patients get back on track since it allows patients to change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors while administering

Co-occurring disorder treatment

Our facility offers round-the-clock clinical and medical supervision and ensures at least 7days a week access to the facility. This process is effective for patients with severe addictions as it reduces relapse cases. During the treatment, patients are bound to feel unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms as their bodies try to readjust to normal functioning. Our biggest asset is that we offer patients support even after they have checked out of the facility to ensure that their recovery is on a long-term basis.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email info@livingsober.com to learn more about our facility.

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